Power for professionals
Simplicity for End Users

Who is CMSMS for?

CMS Made Simple is an Open Source Content Management System. It’s built using PHP and the Smarty Engine, which keeps content, functionality, and templates separated.


At its most simple level, CMSMS is a system to help you keep a website updated through a comprehensive Content Manager, which allows both editing and creation of new pages in real time, and a News module which allows the creation and control of article-based content such as news or blog posts. Supported by a File Manager for uploads and images, a frontend and backend Search Module, and a permissions-based Backend Users manager, CMSMS is extremely easy to use, making it a delight for non-technical content editors to manage the day-to-day running of a site.


Beyond content management, CMSMS is actually a powerful and customisable system that makes the perfect core for markedly more advanced sites and applications. For designers, the Smarty-based templating engine means that there are virtually no restrictions on how the site can look. Unlike many other systems on the market, you will not be forced to shoehorn your design ideas into a pre-purchased template structure. Although there are commercial and free themes available, templating is so simple (with no need to know PHP!) that most designers find themselves adapting an existing design—or building a new one from scratch—in no time. The system lends itself to responsive design, and works extremely well with responsive frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation.


CMS Made Simple's core provides for powerful expansion through the use of the Smarty templating engine, a robust module API, and the ability to include your own PHP functions via User Defined Tags. Combined, these provide the ability to make your sites into powerful applications while keeping the content and design separate. You have the option to choose between file or database templates (including template inheritance), complete control over caching, and a granular permissions system.


In addition to the above sections there is a vast array of powerful modules created by the extended CMSMS community, many of which can be installed and ready to use at the click of a button within the Module Manager. Adding a suite of modules, combining them with templates and core or user defined tags, rapidly allows for the creation of sites and applications with complex functionality without ever losing the simplicity of use for the website editor.

You can find out more about why CMSMS is ideal for your project here.