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Simplicity for End Users


Congratulations! The installation worked. You now have a fully functional installation of CMS Made Simple and you are almost ready to start building your site.

If you are new to CMS Made Simple, the best place to start is with the documentation. If you're ready to get your hands dirty, log in to the admin console at yoursite.com/[path]/admin (if this is your site, click here to login). Explore the templates provided: this page uses Simplex, which is sprinkled with comments and tips for modifying or building your own designs.

If you need further help, there are various support options available at CMSMS Support Options.


CMS Made Simple is released under the GPL license and as such you don't have to leave a link back to us in these templates or on your site, as much as we would like it.

Some third party add-on modules may include additional license restrictions.